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CIC is more than a kindergarten. CIC is an Individual Enrichment Centre offering many types of programs that are required to develop children age 3 – 12 years old to become future leaders. Among other programs, CIC’s most popular programs are Playschool, Preschool and After School Programs. CIC differs from others because CIC offers:

  1. Leadership Program
    Good leaders can shape successful life. CIC wants our children to be equipped with educational programs that are necessary to grow our children as good leaders. Cic offers many programs to develop multiple intelligences in our children besides lot of exposures to get them ahead of the others.
  2. Integrated program
    Islam has provided some wonderful guidelines in order to bring up the children in the proper Islamic manner. It is great loss if Muslims do not put this into practice. It is essential for Muslim children to make committment to Islam and grow to be good Muslim. The education at CIC are integrated between the academic and the Islamic and spiritual values. Our children are introduced to the Islamic values and taught from the basic to the advance level.
  3. Comprehensive learning and systematicSuccessful means bringing balance and harmony, justice and peace, and beauty and prosperity. It requires the development of the total human being: body, mind, and soul. CIC offers comprehensive learning of all school subjects plus after school programs that embrace all activities for total development. All programs are systematic.
  4. One stop centre
    Our programs are specially designed for working parents. Currently CIC offers 40 mins program up to full day program for 3-12 year old. Maximising CIC programs means while parents are busily developing their careers, the children are attended and educated all round. It is relatively cost-saving and economic.

CIC Al Muhtadeen is more than KAFA class. It is one of CIC After School Program offered to 7-12 year old child to equip them with Islamic knowledge and after school activities such as school work guidance. In this session, we offer KAFA subjects such as Asas Ulum Syariah Akidah, Ulum Syariah Ibadah, Bahasa Arab, Akhlaq Islamiyyah, Jawi Baru & Khat, Sirah Rasulullah SAW and Asas Tilawah Al-Quran. In addition to that, CIC also uses text book in English for international exposure so that the children are able to use it later for the purpose of Islam.

It is conducted in small group.

It is too early to evaluate our preschoolers and playschoolers through test and examination. Test or exam papers arelimited to describe the potential of our children. It is also not right to give them marks at the beginning of their education process and whatmore to rank them in class. Therefore for evaluation of our pIayschoolers and preschoolers, CIC applies individual progress evaluation which is called Progress Report.

By this a child is not competing with others but within himself. For 7-12 year old kids, we do conduct test, also not to rank them but to check their understanding and capabilities. By this we can help them overcoming their weaknesses and strengthening their potentials.

  • Young Leader Programme (YLP Playschool) /Playschool Mutiara / Playschool Delima
  • Young Leader Programme (YLP Preschool) / Preschool Mutiara / Preschool Delima / Preschool Zamrud
  • After School Programs (Al Muhtadeen, Drama, Draw Squad, Reading for Self-Improvement, Public Speaking, Swimming Class and many other short term programs on thematically basis).

YLP is 40 minutes, Mutiara is 3 hours, Delima is 5 hours, Zamrud is 9 hours per coming. Education is a long term process, therefore all of CIC programs are not offered monthly basis but parents are allowed to pay the tuition fees by monthly installment. Playschool, Preschool and Kafa are offered semesterly / termly basis. Other programs are normally short terms. Program offered is exclusively based on the offer letter given by CIC.

Zamrud is a full day program specially designed to working parents.

It is not a day care. The children will be enrolled in multiple programs a day and they will be occupied with many learning activities. In between of the programs, the children do take break or nap plus meals. The place is limited.

Playschool is offered to 3 years old child. The children learn while they are playing. Some of the activities are Alphabet Shopping, Letter Hunting, Bed for A Bear, Akhlaq, Understanding Rules and Regulations, Toilet Training, Basic Language Development and Physical Development.

Many English programs are used, most popular are Sunshine, Password English and Oxford Reading Tree (ORT). ORT has become the central theme because of its popular characters in daily family experiences, to be shared with our children. It covers all levels from beginner up to advance. It is offered exclusively at CIC.

Sending and picking the children can be very hectic to some residents. Because of that, some residents do not agree with the idea to have learning institution in their housing area. CIC does not want to disturb the residents if CIC to be located at the corner house. Besides that internally shop lot is more pleasant and proper learning environment than what corner house can offer. For outdoor activities, CIC will arrange some of the activities outdoor, normally at the nearest park, after considering all safety aspects.

Making CIC centre as a safe place is the responsibility of the crews. CIC has given the information and training to the crews on safety procedures. In addition to that, the centers are monitored by CCTV and intstruction given to the centers to attend to registered customers only and visiting is only allowed at specific hours and by appointment.

Parents can register online and pay within 3 days.

CIC Basic

These centres are located in rural/small town areas. The facility is equipped with air condition. The centres are well maintained with lower rental and lower rate of utilities. The total investment needed for Zamrud (8.30am-5.30pm program) is RM 10,825 per annum or RM 770 monthly instalment.

CIC Leader

These centres are for medium income customers. The facility is moderate and airconditioned. The centres are well maintained and majority of the centres from this category are in the shop-lots, commercial area with higher rental and higher rate of utilities. The childen- teacher ratio is lower. The total investment for Zamrud (11 hrs program) is RM 11,585 per annum or RM830 monthly instalment. Even this category is relatively cheap because 3 hours program (Mutiara) is normally RM430. Just extra RM400, for the rest of 8 hours. And the rest of 8 hours is not daycare only because the children will follow many educational programs arranged for them. Here, the parents will save the transportation cost that is not necessary to make your child spends few hours on the road.

CIC Elite

CIC Taman Tun Dr Ismail is from this category. The total yearly investment for Zamrud is RM 14,405. Average instalment per month is RM1,070. It is still relatively cheap compare to the environment and the educational programs that benefits the children.

CIC International [NEW]

The centres offer more enrichment programmes such as CIC Young Leaders World Languages, CIC Technology For Young Leaders, CIC New Maths and following international syllabus. CIC International is equipped with world-class facilities with teachers from different nationalities. The total yearly investment for Emerald programme (8.30 am-5.30pm) is RM 25,555. Average instalment per month is RM 1,830.

CIC never claims an English Medium. It is due to the fact that we believe in bilingual approach that the mother’s tongue is very important as the foundation of a child’s language and English serves as the second language. CIC put a great important in English as International language but it will not replace the first language. And based on our experience, when the children follow the program at CIC, he / she should be able to read English very well. Some of the children at age 5 can write simple letter in English to the parents.

CIC also cannot offer English medium because CIC has to consider to employ Muslim teachers who are normally moderate in English speaking. Some are very fluent in English but not Muslim. While some Muslim who are good in English are not interested in early childhood education because they just have many job choices around. You know in Malaysia, if they are really good in English, surely they have other better opportunity.

CIC never offer neither Arabic nor Jawi. CIC just focus on Iqra’ (Reading Quran). Because there are many subjects to be taught to our young kids, and we found Iqra’ is enough. After very good in Iqra’ (reading Quran), they will easily learn Arabic and Jawi (based on our 14 years experience).

Nevertheless, CIC International does offer Arabic language lesson.


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