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CIC’s 25 Years of Excellence Graduation 2021

بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم

Assalamualaikum wrt wbt 

Alhamdulillah & Selawat 


Today, I would like to congratulate our teachers, parents, and especially our Young Leaders who had completed their studies and lessons with CIC Where Leaders Are Born! Despite the challenges of the pandemic that we faced, Alhamdulillah, we managed to complete it with flying colors. Congratulations again Young Leaders! 


Dear parents, 

This year our teachers and Young leaders have demonstrated great dedication, perseverance and worked incredibly hard to overcome many challenges including managing physical activities as well as adapting to online classes. For instance, even through online sessions, our Young Leaders are exposed to many science concepts and manage to do a lot of Steam &  Stem activities.  

Moreover, I am beyond proud to see our Young Leaders’ overwhelming participation in creating their own “Magical Book,” which I believe is very helpful in giving them the exposure and experience they need in their early years. Indeed, today I have witnessed the positive growth demonstrated by our Young Leaders. Congratulations again to all teachers and Young Leaders! All of your hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed, and it brings me great happiness to see you all achieve such success.  


Dear parents,  

This year we are celebrating our 25th year of anniversary. For us, being in the education industry for 25 years means that we have become a trusted brand among parents. It also means CIC continuously adheres to constant innovation as we have always made sure that we adapt to the most effective teaching approaches to stay relevant and ensure CIC’s prolonged existence. Striving for 25 years also proves that we have always been adding values and benefiting the community at large. We have become the leader in the industry, as many other industry players are also following our footsteps and looking up to CIC as the model of success.  

I would also like to take this opportunity to express my highest gratitude to all our parents who have been supporting us since the beginning. I have noticed that for the past 25 years, our valuable parents have viewed CIC as part of their self-image and reflected their personalities. I believe our positive parents hold good quality of characters and come from good families, InshaAllah. Most of our parents are advanced or maybe leaders of their communities. I could see that all our parents shared our mission and vision. Thank you again! 


Dear parents, 

We are excited to let you know that for this upcoming year, our academic team especially, have been planning to offer a lot more exciting activities for our students! Therefore, I look forward to seeing most of the children continue with CIC Where Leaders Are Born.  

I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that we are launching new CIC campaigns for 2022! Our new campaigns are Childhood Is Crucial and Cheerful Innovative Classroom! Though most of you may probably already be aware of it.  


Through the campaign of Childhood Is Crucial, we want to deliver and advocate the message of the importance of childhood. We want everyone, especially parents, to know that childhood is the most crucial turning point of people’s lives as it is the foundation in building personalities and characters. It is the time where children learn a lot about life through observing people around them. It is the time when children’s brain develops and much of its ‘wiring’ is laid down. Childhood Is Crucial is a campaign to raise awareness among adults, especially parents to always give, create and choose the best childhood experience for their little ones. 

Cheerful Innovative Classroom  is also another campaign that we are introducing this upcoming year! This campaign largely highlights our dedicated team, especially our teachers, the frontliners who are always warm, cheerful and committed to make sure every classroom in CIC is cheerful and innovative. Our team is committed to provide many innovative ideas in order to make sure our Young Leaders to enjoy their learning experience with CIC. It is our promise to serve our prestigious customers with increased dedication in years to come.   


I look forward to see more students with us, InshaAllah. Therefore, stay with us CIC Where Leaders Are Born. Thank you so much and congratulations again for all Young Leaders who have graduated with CIC Where Leaders Are Born. 


Thank you.