Choosing a pre school for your child can be a very overwhelming task.

The key is to find a preschool that is a good fit for your child. With so many aspects to consider and the many different schools available, here are reasons CIC Where Leaders Are Born should be at the top of your list of preschools.


Teachers at CIC Where Leaders Are Born are warm and caring; greeting your children with a smile and seeing them off with warm hugs, making your child feel at home and look forward for more days at school. With a strong background in Education and Early Childhood Care, teachers are enrolled for many different training programmes to develop their competency in teaching and nurturing the leader in your child.


The setting of the classroom and school is spacious and colourful from the walls right down to the furniture. The school is decorated with the children’s artwork and learning pictures and words, creating a safe and comfortable environment for your children to learn and explore their potential to becoming leaders.


CIC Where Leaders Are Born has 18 enrichment programmes that addresses all the basic skills a child should acquire between the ages of 3 – 6 years old such as CIC Pemimpin Muda Pintar Al-Quran, CIC New Maths, CIC Pemimpin Muda Pintar Bahasa, CIC Oxford Reading Tree and CIC Thematic Learning. These programmes teaches and exposes your children to the basics of Islamic Studies, Mathematics, and Language. From reading to writing to articulating, every programme is carefully structured to help your child progress according to their capability and ability to learn and comprehend. Every programme encourages each child to learn through play and experience.


At every quarter, parents will have the opportunity to meet with the teachers to review your child’s development and achievement both in their learning and as an individual. Parents will also receive a Communication Book to keep track of your child’s work at school. For events and outdoor programmes, parents will receive a formal memorandum with detailed information of the event or programme.


With 70 centres nationwide, it will be easy to locate a CIC Where Leaders Are Born near you. Each centre is located neither too far in the suburbs nor too deep into the city, making it convenient for you to send and pick your children up. Your children are also free from the distractions of the city, helping them flourish and develop into a leader in a secure learning environment.

CIC Where Leaders Are Born

I Feel Good

Today’s children will be the citizens of tomorrow. They are tomorrow’s parents. If they have received good education from the right hands, they in turn can carry forward this practice to their children.

If we have the will, we can develop the society for the future. If we neglect them, they can be the cause of the ruination of the society.

I discovered CIC is the perfect business for me. What about you?

Qutren Nada Ahmad

Speech by CEO


Alhamdulillah we are born as Moslem. Our children are born in our hands, Moslem families, and I know that CIC’s parents are selected parents, you are outstanding Moslems and are advanced of other parents in Malaysia generally. I am proud of you and I am very grateful to have families like you supporting CIC’s mission and vision to come true.

However I like to advise myself and you too as CIC’s families, to help ourselves and our families to reach to the level of Mokmeen because being Moslem is not enough for we will be regretful in the hereafter.

There are more criterias to be a Mokmeen. I cannot discuss in details about those criterias, and for us to understand about it, needs time and want, but as a brief, it means about real belief.

Ashabul Kahfi For Example, they are the Mokmineen mentioned in the Quran. How many of us will possess such criteria of Ashabul Kahfiwhenever we encounter the test from Allah? If we do not have real belief, we cannot reach the level of these people of Ashabul Kahfi.

As far as I know, Ashabul Kahfi are not the Prophets but just seven men who had the belief in Tawheed while their society did not.

Many more messages in Surah Al Kahfi that we must learn, like the stories of Khidr and Zul Qarnain. We are told that Surah Al Kahfi has priviledges. But how many of us really understand about the messages in it?

My point is to emphasize that we parents have to help ourselves and families to reach to the Level Of Mokmineen before death comes to us and to reach that, the path is not easy. How we have to struggle for physical attainment, the Struggle For Our Iman is even more difficult.

Remember, Allah Will Not Only Test the previous generations like Ashabul Kahfi but Allah Will Test Us also. He will test our belief the same he test the past generation so that in the Hereafter we will stand in front of Him with equal chance!

Therefore, we have to continue to seek knowledge, what we had learnt in schools, universities, mosques are not enough to be a Mokmeen. Seek Knowledge, Ikhlas and being Humble, only then, we are on our way to become Mokmeen. Being ikhlas and humble is essential because wal iya zubillah we do not want to be like Iblis who is proud of himself and thinks that he is better than Adam and because of that pride, he is kufur, did not obey Allah to prostrate before Adam.

People say, “Some Love Lasts A Lifetime, True Love Lasts Forever”. Let us give to our families the gift that is not only lasts a lifetime but lasts forever, give the gift of Iman and we can leave the rest to Allah!

At CIC, we tried to do so many things to give the Gifts That Last Forever for our children. Our team from the HQ to the centres, all hands in hands had given a lot of efforts to make our mission and vision successful. I am grateful to have them around me. We spent a lot in the trainings, hoping that the crews will give back to the children. Some crews remain, some leave for whatever reason, we know that the trainings we give will last forever and will help to create better society in the future.

CIC’s Blossom Project is one of our efforts to give the Gifts That Last Forever to the children. We did Hi-Tea And the Blossom Walk, and many more activities.

Again I am grateful to have all of you, the CIC’s families who are very attentive, I hope all of you will be with us to promote and create awareness to the people to stop the child abuse and give more rights to the children including the right to have better education.

(Qutren Nada Ahmad)

Qutrennada.COM – On our Hari Raya festival, where we Malaysians would have Open House and makan-makan together, how would we expect Malaysians behave?

Few days back did you hear about the chinese tourists (from China) were asked to leave the Japanese restaurant for having poor eating attitude?

The women throw the peeled shells onto the floor, and pile up bones and rubbish on the table. According to the report, they had also stayed at their table beyond the limit of 90 minutes for the restaurant’s buffet service despite being reminded several times by staff that it was time to leave.

However this situation seems very common in Malaysia too.

On our Hari Raya festival, where we Malaysians would have Open House and makan-makan together, how would we expect Malaysians behave?

Last few nights I was invited for Iftar at a friend’s house. He invited many other friends and neighbours that it became quite a big event. Like usual I saw people just left the tables with many plates and bowls with so much mess and food waste without the awareness to help at least by throwing their own mess into the garbage bag.

We Malaysians used to eat outside at stalls and mamak restaurants where there are helpers to clean the table, so we behave the same when we are the guests of a kenduri??

Please, even it is the restaurant we pay, we Malays must behave well and lead by example and show good table manners ourselves. Our children will copy our behaviour or do we want in future our children becoming like the China’s tourists being chased out from the restaurant for having bad eating behaviour??

When people invite us for open house or kenduri, we need to focus more on establishing relationship, but not eating like we are starving and leave the table with mess like “monyet dapat bunga”

Another issue is on the damage that we do to the world when we widely serve using the plastic plates and utensils. Today Europe is proposing a ban on single-use plastic items such as cutlery, straws and cotton buds in a bid to clean up the oceans.

But can we imagine in Malaysia, how can we ban the plastics plates while the eaters are just do not want to help to clean their own mess?